Corporate Vision


A goal can only be achieved when one knows where one wants to go. We have a vision and clear targets. Responsibility, trust and respect are imprinted on our activities. We work according to clearly defined principles and common values – the guiding lights of CAMION TRANSPORT Ltd.  

Customer care

We serve our customers in a reliable, competent and friendly manner. We add value by searching for the best solution in collaboration with the customer. We set high quality standards and stand for great customer satisfaction.


We invest in safe and health-promoting work places. We bank on fair, trusting and team-orientated collaboration. We demand recognition of quality, the environment, health and safety. We encourage the personal responsibility of every staff member through continuous education and training.


Economical. Social. Ecological. We are interested in innovations and steadily enhance our services. We take our social responsibility seriously. We consistently use the bimodal transport system, an eco-friendly road and rail combination.

Environmental awareness

We do business according to the «Eco Balance by CAMION TRANSPORT» principles. We provide an excellent economic performance with the lowest possible ecological impact. We strive for a way of working that protects the environment and saves resources. We are the leaders in transport ecology.

Partner companies

We uphold a constructive cooperation with our suppliers. They are our partners and help us maintain our service quality at a high level.


We think about tomorrow every day. We aim for sustainable, profitable growth and thereby ensure our freedom to act and our competitiveness. We secure jobs and create perspectives for our employees.