General cargo transport

We transport quality.

General cargo distribution is our ambition and strength. Our network provides efficient transport throughout Switzerland and the Duchy of Liechtenstein. Collected today, conveyed overnight by rail between our branch offices and delivered on time the next day by a driver who knows the area. We provide a 24 hour service. It does not matter whether goods have to be conveyed from Wil to Winterthur, or from Kreuzlingen to Yverdon. Of course our service portfolio includes time-definite and hazardous goods deliveries.


Bimodal transport system

We work on the «green track».

Environmentally friendly. Fast. Reliable. These are the characteristics that make up the bimodal rail/road system. We teamed up with partners in 1996 and took over CDS Cargo Domizil Ltd, an SBB’s business unit which had been combining rail and road transport since 1981.

CAMION TRANSPORT deploys around 130 railway wagons per night. The modal shift to the railway removes more than 200 trucks and trailers off Swiss roads (saving roughly 20,000 kg of CO2 per day). The bimodal system is an important element in our «Eco Balance by CAMION TRANSPORT» programme.


City logistics3

We bundle wherever possible.

We describe our current transport scheme as «City logistics3». Our branch offices are located near agglomerations and even in the city itself in Basel. We organise collections and deliveries in a defined area from the local branch offices. In order to that the term City logistics describes to consolidate shipments and reduce the requisite number of truck runs. We consistently shift shipments by rail for the main leg between our locations, and use night hours to ensure the shortest possible transit times. We deploy optimally trained drivers and state-of-the-art vehicles for road haulage.