Transport ecology

We perceive ecological responsibility.

Recent media reports about natural disasters, heatwaves and melting glaciers increasingly raise interest in the global climate change. Society is accordingly aware of this. Politicians are taking action and are adopting various climate policy measures.

We accept our responsibility and are minimizing our greenhouse gas emissions through our own actions. As a logistics provider we are steadily becoming a greater integrative part of complex value added networks. Linked to this are demands for the production of meaningful emission figures. We fulfil these requirements with our certified CO2 reports. CAMION TRANSPORT assumes responsibility and offers solutions.

We act.

The intelligent combination of various transport modes is our tradition. The cornerstone was laid in 1984 when the general cargo rail shuttle went into service on the route between Wil and Geneva (Kombi Verkehrs Ltd, Wil). This was followed by the successive development of a nationwide rail network; a partnership known today as CDS Cargo Domizil Ltd.

We are convinced that, as a company, we can do a lot for the environment. That’s why an internal working group has been dealing with the topic of «transport ecology» since 2010. The need to coordinate all efforts and measures in the ecology field triggered the start of the project for the current «Eco Balance by CAMION TRANSPORT» programme.