Wheels in motion, our passion.

We have been the logistics partner of the Tour de Suisse for more than ten years. The collaboration is continuing under the tour’s new management Cycling Unlimited AG, and the fifteenth round starts in June 2020.

Demanding performance requirements, quality awareness, flexibility and efficiency. These standards apply to the Tour de Suisse as well as to CAMION TRANSPORT. We are proud to be the partner of a national sport event and share in the excitement every year.

Tour de Suisse 2020 cancelled due to the Corona pandemic
Cancellation Tour de Suisse 2020

Helping people help themselves

Mobility and communication – curse or blessing? Here, in the present day, we enjoy individual mobility. The same goes for communication. But the situation is very different in poor countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

As one of Switzerland’s oldest aid organisations, miva provides help with suitable means of transport and communication. An appropriate contribution from the recipient is a precondition of this assistance. The projects promote sustainable development on site and benefit as many people as possible. Helping people help themselves – this is why, for years, we have been supporting miva as a partner.

Basic principles
CAMION TRANSPORT focuses its sponsoring activities on the national level and on the topics of «logistics partnerships», «youth promotion», «sport» and «culture». As a reliable partner, we prefer long-term commitments and place great value on sustainability. For us, a partnership means that all participants make a contribution and eventually benefit from each other.

We are prospering. We are grateful for this and allow others to participate in our good fortune. CAMION TRANSPORT sets aside a substantial sum of money every year and makes donations to the widest range of non-profit organisations. We concentrate on organisations whose officials we know. This ensures that our aid reaches the right place – no matter whether it is in Switzerland or in underprivileged countries in the south.