Paperless Transport

PALO 4.0 – we go digital.

PALO 4.0, in terms of Industry 4.0, stands for «paper-free transport» at CAMION TRANSPORT, as part of the digitalisation and automation of the processes.

From 1st January 2020, we will no longer be issuing physical delivery documentation, as we are changing our transport processes from paper to the digital format. This means that we will be processing all our consignment data electronically. With this digital processing, we are also simplifying the communication between the consignor of the goods, the shipper and the recipient of the goods. The new process ensures the gapless tracking of the consignment of the goods, including image materials in the possible case of a deposited consignment.

The truck driver will no longer be given any physical delivery documents from the consignor, but will have all the necessary data on the mobile LogCom device. When the consignment arrives at the recipient, the recipient confirms they have been given their goods by signing on the LogCom device of the truck driver. The transfer of data takes place immediately.

Important plus points
We are increasing the efficiency of our transport management and reducing the administrative costs. Our customers benefit from an improved quality of data and real time data transfers. Just as important: we are minimising the use of paper and protecting the environment. All in terms of our «Eco Balance by CAMION TRANSPORT» sustainability programme.