CO2 Reports

We have an economical, a social, and primarily an ecological responsibility, and want to minimize CO2 emissions. At the end of 2009 we started to develop a calculation tool to measure our own CO2 emissions.
We have refined our calculation method over years, and adapted it to the guidelines in EN 16258, following the publication of the norm.

In April 2015 we became the first Swiss transport and logistics company to be certified as compliant with EN 16258. The first universal calculation that conformed to the EN norm was carried out with the first half of 2015.

CAMION TRANSPORT Press release 2015 in German

EN 16258

The valid European EN standard 16258 describes the methodology for calculating the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for all modes of transport and for different user groups. In a wider sense, it also defines system boundaries and the requirements for declaring the calculated results. With this the norm sets standards for the calculation and declaration of the energy consumption, as well as for greenhouse gas emissions related to transport services, for the first time.