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Since Switzerland’s authorised driver regulation came into force on 1. September 2009, category C/C1 drivers have to fulfil new standards, and a driver’s certificate of professional competence (CPC) is mandatory.

After passing the CPC test, the certificate of professional competence is issued in addition to the driving licence. The CPC is valid for five years. A refresher course has to be taken to renew the certificate. The mandatory renewal training takes five days (35 hours total) spread over five years.
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CAMION TRANSPORT has been providing its own drivers with further internal training since 2010. The courses focus on transport safety topics and on strategies for operating vehicles in an eco-friendly manner. The course programme has been open to external candidates since 2013.

PDF Course programme (in German)

Course instructor: Monika Schibli

All courses are held in German and are CPC-recognised.
Please address inquiries about courses in French or Italian to weiterbildung@camiontransport.ch.

Please contact weiterbildung@camiontransport.ch if you have a group of participants and the course they want to take does not have enough places. We will search for a solution together.

Angebot CZV Module

Module Course Dates
CZV Modul 1: Ladungssicherung on Request
CZV Modul 2: Fit am Steuer on Request
CZV Modul 3: Verhalten im Strassenverkehr on Request
CZV Modul 5: Eco-Drive on Request
CZV Modul 6: Verkehrssicherheit on Request
CZV Modul 7: Notfall! Was nun? on Request
CZV Modul 9: Souverän unterwegs on Request
CZV Modul 13: Herausforderung im Alltag on Request
CZV Modul 14: Kommunikation, aber richtig! on Request


Weitere CZV-anerkannte Weiterbildungen: ADR Kurse und Staplerkurse